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Each quarter, we launch a new issue showcasing stunning editorials, contemporary beauty and fashion trends, and inspiring stories, all while supporting philanthropic causes close to our hearts and home.

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We’ve launched!

The Winter 2018-2019 issue is finally here, all you need to do is order a copy today!

In this issue, you will find more Minnesota brands throughout the editorials, bringing our vision of community to life! From cozy over-sized knits to vibrant pops of animal print and the color red, you are certain to find something you’ll love. Be sure to check out our gift guides, helping you give the best gifts this winter while also supporting small businesses that are truly making a difference throughout our community. Get to know Minnesota’s style expert, Sara Rogers and meet Minnesota’s teacher of the year, Kelly Holstine, learning how she is changing the lives of her students every single day. As always, you will find the hottest trends of the season as well as have a style guide on how to style wardrobe essentials this winter. With beauty, fashion and so much more, this issue of perfect for keeping you inspired all winter long.


About Us

Behind the magazine is a team of creative and committed trendsetters, community lovers, and world changers from the Twin Cities dedicated to making a difference one issue at a time.



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