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Buffalo, flannel, argyle, oh my! Any and all kinds of plaids are welcome this fall and it’s especially chic when intermixed with one-another. Versace showcased a plethora of plaid looks throughout fashion week. A favorite of mine is the fresh take on the classic schoolgirl look with a pair of knee-high argyle socks paired with a Tartan mini skirt and matching Tartan hat. Plaid was also seen throughout the Miu Miu collection with mid length skirts and over-sized jackets all featuring some type of plaid pattern. For more subtle hints of the trend, I noticed the No.21 fall collection showcased plaid as a neutral layering piece rather than the statement piece. Using plaid patterns as a neutral color is definitely a look I am going to be mastering this season.

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Mad About Plaid

Written by: Kaylie O’Connor

Plaid as a fall trend – original, right? I find myself getting into a repetitive nature every fall wearing a simple button up plaid top with jeans or tying it around my waist as an accessory.  But plaid is so much more than that!

Camera: Kc Filzen

Camera: Kc Filzen

Formerly called Tartan, plaid originated in Scotland as a connection to family and status. The pattern you wore communicated your pure lineage, how much money you made or what level you could/could not marry into. In a simpler sense, it could be compared to a baseball cap or tee shirt with your hometowns name on it. Going into the 18th century, plaid was picked up as military garb for the rebellion against the English monarchy. As it came into North America it started to adopt a different meaning as a working fabric used more for practical purposes.  It has also been worn by some Los Angeles street gangs as a representation of affiliation, by 1960’s surfer dudes (brought to us by The Beach Boys) and, currently, the hipsters of America.

Plaids have a habit of being great transitional pieces from season to season and the different cuts, colors, and styles make them virtually timeless.

So how should you style plaids this fall? You can do the traditional route and keep it simple or you can use these fun tricks to spice it up!

1.     Don’t be afraid to mix prints. You could easily wear this plaid dress alone, but it really popped when it was mixed with the bright colors and polka dot print. You could also wear a thick plaid shirt or jacket!

2.     Don’t forget hair accessories. You could incorporate a plaid headband into your look, à la Blair Waldorf, wear a bandana around your neck or take advantage of the return of the scrunchie trend.

3.     Include menswear. Overall, plaid really works for an androgynous look because you can wear it loose and baggy or tie it up and give it a playful feminine feel.

4.     Don’t be afraid to match. Cher Horowitz was the queen of matching plaids and is an icon in fashion history. Rock a plaid pantsuit or skirt and jacket combo.


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