fashion TREND ALERT: Plaid (part 2)

The classic plaid trend is back again this fall. This time expect to see more statement plaids rather than neutral colors. With fun pops of mustard, siren red and teal green seen throughout the pattern, you are certain to turn heads and earn compliments with a plaid that holds a vibrant color combination. From the tartan suits seen in Versace’s fall collection to multi-plaid combinations like Fendi’s collections, I promise that plaid will not be leaving the fall fashion scene.

Ready to Wear - Mens


A Lad In Plaid

Written by: Hamdi Mohamed

Camera:  Marcus Styles

Plaid is definitely a Midwest staple and it is adored by people all around the world.  I am so excited that it is back as a powerhouse trend this fall. Whether it’s the traditional button-up shirt, or a more unconventional piece, plaid isn’t just making a comeback, it’s catapulting a full-on takeover!

There are over 160 different types of plaid, so there is definitely something for everybody. Because of the variety, you are able to explore and use your creative potential to wear plaid like no one has worn it before. 2018 is the year to be unconventional and step out of the box. With so many plaid options you don’t have to fit a mold; you can be truly unique.

I personally like Plaid because the fabric it is usually printed on is so comfortable. Typically, it’s flannel or a soft cotton blend, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s one of the few fashion trends that allows you to be stylish and comfortable. For many other trends the statement “fashion is pain” stays true, but flannel offers a nice change of pace because it is relatively effortless to wear.

You can pair a flannel shirt with a pair of Jeans and wear it like the typical (yet fashionable) lumberjack, or you can mix it up in an unconventional way. My fav way to wear plaid is as a pair of pants. It provides a bold statement, and I can pair it with any type of shirt. A classic solid shirt or preppy turtleneck are my go-tos. 

So be bold, be yourself, and rock this style your way. With so many different types of plaid, it’s easy to incorporate a few pieces that fit your style and personality. Plaid looks good on everyone, and you can’t go wrong!


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