Discussing with Daphne

Discussing with Daphne

The best combination to have is brains and beauty, and Daphne Jalteco has just that. The former Miss Minnesota Latina (2017) has not only created her own business but has also been the first in her Latin-American family to go to college; which makes her a perfect candidate to be our summer 2018 cover girl. Check out the fun Q&A Editor-in-Chief, Meghanlee Phillips, had with the beautiful Daphne!


The Volk: What product would you never leave the house without?
Daphne: Mascara and concealer. I’m team #nosleep between school, work, studying, and the business


The Volk: Who are your biggest inspirations when putting together a fresh makeup look?
Daphne: Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) - she is amazing.  I would always look for her on YouTube in high school.


The Volk: What is your favorite beauty tool and why is it your favorite?
Daphne: My fingers. I like putting my concealer on with my fingers. I can do so much with my fingers. My fingers are soft and I feel as if I have more control.

The Volk: What is it that you love most about makeup?
Daphne: I love that I can be more confident. I believe in a classic red lipstick.  I feel fierce. Throw on lashes, and I can do anything. With makeup I become a more fearless person!


The Volk: Is there a specific brand you absolutely love (besides your own, of course)?
Daphne: Lancome and Clinque those are my top two favorite cosmetic lines. I’m also a fan of It Cosmetics.


The Volk: Your skin is flawless, and you always glow! What is the skin care/beauty ritual that you do to keep you looking so fresh and naturally beautiful? (C’mon we all want to know 😉 )
Daphne: Before bed, I wash my face with Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser. Following that I spray rose water on my face as a toner and moisturize my face with vitamin E oil. In the morning I make big bowl of cold ice water and dip my face in it. This helps wake myself up and reduces the swelling in my face.


The Volk: You make eyelashes.  What tips do you have for applying lashes?
Apply all of your makeup first, even a small coat of mascara. Size lashes first and trim them to the necessary size. Apply the glue to the lashes and let the glue air-dry a bit before you apply the lash to your face.  The glue will always come out as a liquid and in order for the glue to dry properly on your lash line you want to wait until the glue is tacky and then you can apply onto your lashes.


The Volk: You are a new color addition to your Daphne’s Dollhouse glitter palette.   What color would you be and why?
Since my sister loves pink, I definitely need to be different, so I am going to say red, no, purple- definitely purple. It is such a cute color on my eyes plus it is the color of royalty.


The Volk: What is your most proud achievement?
I have a few:  finishing my associate’s degrees is absolutely one. I was also featured in the MN Business Magazine as one of the women who lead in 2018! Obviously, starting my business in 2017 is pretty exciting and I think the fact that I have stayed in school and continue to open my mind to learning new things is definitely something to be proud of.


The Volk: What do you enjoy doing during any spare time?
I love skiing! It’s amazing!  I learned how to do it last year and now I do it every other weekend. I also love working out.  It feels so good. Of course, I dread going, but once I’m there I fall in love. I also love shopping and buying makeup, creating mini videos for YouTube and Instagram. You know, the works.


The Volk: How would you describe your personal style?
I don’t really have a fashion icon, but I like to look at what is trending, I am an eclectic mixture of streetwear and classy styles. When at a car show I dress a little edgier- like fast and the furious, I love to change it up! I love dresses and rompers. They are so much easier to dress up. Throw it on, accessorize as needed, and grab a pair of heels!


The Volk: What summer trends are you loving this season, and why are you excited to rock them? 
I am loving the romper/jumpsuit! I love wearing reds, whites and pinks:  anything colorful.

The Volk:   Since we are all about community, tell us how you stay active within the community?!
I am very passionate about supporting higher education for the Latin community. After winning Miss Minnesota Latina 2017 I have become a motivational speaker for students at local schools. I was also able to donate $300 worth of backpacks and school supplies to schools in Oaxaca, Mexico.


** Photographer: Alex Butterfield // Creative Director: Michaela Rae // MUAH: Mark Navarro // Wardrobe: Meghanlee Phillips

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