TREND ALERT: The Fanny Pack

TREND ALERT: The Fanny Pack

My outfit from the Innovations 2018 sustainable fashion show during FWMN. Photography by: KC Filzen

My outfit from the Innovations 2018 sustainable fashion show during FWMN. Photography by: KC Filzen


My personal favorite trend of the season is the infamous fanny pack! Yes, I know you are all cringing at the thought of neon colored pouches resting in front of your crotch. But never fear, because 2018 has brought a whole new look for the fanny pack to keep all your valuables secured to your body. 


With elegant colors and extra straps, Valentino created a fresh version of the fanny pack. For a sportier vibe, venture over to Marc Jacobs’ collection and discover rectangular fanny packs rather than the usual crescent shapes. For a subtle adaption, Miu Miu, did the job with a bag that sits perfectly at the waist without taking away from the outfit. Or you can stay true to the 90’s with bold patterns and colors just like House of Holland showcased in their spring/summer collection. Personally, I wear a fanny pack just about anywhere I go to keep my hands free, which is just what I need while chasing around after my toddler!

Not only do I think fanny packs are super chic, but fashion blogger, Sophia Heng, has also joined me in supporting the trend. Check out her article from the summer 2018 issue of The Volk, available today!


Bringing Back the Pack

Written by Sophia Heng // Photographer: Kelly Kwong


Think fanny packs are so old school? Think again! These bad boys are back and more stylish than ever. You’re seeing them being rocked all over the fashion runways from Steve Madden to Gucci. Fanny packs now can be found in a variety of styles. You can still rock that 90s look with a retro fanny pack or try a black leather one for a classier vibe. Modern fanny packs are versatile and can be worn by both the tomboy and the bougie queen. The best part about fanny packs? Hands-free, baby! With all the festivals and fairs in the summer, you’re going to want to have both your hands available for any deep-fried foods, iced-coolers or fresh scoops of ice cream coming your way. These fanny packs are also crazy convenient. How many times have you had to dig through your black hole of a bag to find something? I know I’ve embarrassed myself countless of times at the cash register. I love that fanny packs are small and compact, forcing me to only bring what I need. My ID, credit card, lip gloss, and cell phone are all able to slip right into my fanny pack and are easily accessible.

Now you may be thinking – Steven Madden? Gucci? I don’t want to spend that much on a fanny pack!! You don’t have to! I am modeling a quilted black fanny pack from Forever21 that was priced at $15.90. I brought this with me when I went to Coachella and it was my best friend! It worked with any outfit I had on and allowed me to dance all night long without the heaviness of a normal bag. I also had a holographic, see-through fanny pack from a friend that worked perfectly for a festival look. I don’t know if I can ever go back to a normal purse again! Seriously, why did these ever die out? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knew what was up. Until next time – catch me at



Shop the Trend

You've heard from myself, and you've heard from Sophia, now it's up to you rock this effortlessly stylish trend. Don't worry I have started your hunt for you, all you have to do is select which style you like best and order by clicking on the image. (Talk about personal shopping!)

Braided cross-body belt bag Zara - $45.90

Braided cross-body belt bag
Zara - $45.90

Belted Waist Purse  From Anny - $15.00

Belted Waist Purse
From Anny - $15.00

Floral Print Fanny Pack Forever 21 - $12.90

Floral Print Fanny Pack
Forever 21 - $12.90

Leather Bum Bag (Top Shop) Nordstrom - $52.00

Leather Bum Bag (Top Shop)
Nordstrom - $52.00


What do you think of the "fanny pack" trend? Will you be seen sporting the look or are you going to pass on this fresh new take on a retro look? Let us know in the comments!


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