The Good, The Bad and Vanessa

17 Questions with Fall cover girl, Vanessa Lawson

Many may become anxious with her Resting Bitch Face, but believe me when I say that is merely all it is. Behind the non-expressive mask, Vanessa Lawson is a young woman working on self-love and building her own version of a success story. Her drive to succeed isn’t just for herself, but for her family as well. She wants to help provide for and inspire the people she loves most in the world. For those of you who don’t take the time to get to know Ms.Lawson, you are truly missing out on a fantastic addition to your life.

Check out the fun Q&A I had with the stunning Ms.Lawson covering topics from fashion to every day life!  #Fall2018


The Volk: Tell me about what you do within the fashion industry?      
Vanessa: I am a freelance model and I run a clothing line, Porte Celestial @portecelestial

Photography: Nate Schultz // Director: Michaela Rae // Fashions: Meghanlee Phillips // MUAH: Mark Navarro & Jen Wiles

Photography: Nate Schultz // Director: Michaela Rae // Fashions: Meghanlee Phillips // MUAH: Mark Navarro & Jen Wiles

The Volk: How did you become a model?
Vanessa: My first photo shoot was for “Polo Gisbon,” modeling my own clothing. I didn’t know anyone and people starting referring me and reaching out all because they saw the images of me modeling.

The Volk: Besides modeling, what would be your dream job?
Vanessa: Since I am in the military I’d be a paralegal or a judge advocate general lawyer, specifically for military law firms. I absolute love working within the military and if I wasn’t modeling as well, I’d just put more energy into the military.

The Volk: Is life as a model as glamorous as everyone thinks? Explain.
Vanessa: Absolutely not.  It has its pros and cons. The pros are having the opportunities to meet and work with a variety of creative people, while the cons are dealing with cattiness. So many times your “good friends” within the industry just turn into competition and I just hate when people can’t love and support one another.

The Volk: What is your favorite thing about modeling?
Vanessa: I love meeting new people and bringing creative ideas to life. I also enjoy stepping out of the modeling world and being a creative director. I like the creative process of putting together a shoot that is simply unique.

The Volk: Do you have to focus on any specific diets, workouts or beauty routines to keep up with your look?
Vanessa:  Ha! I probably should, but I don’t.  No! Honestly, I run a mile a day because I am in the military and that is just cardio. I think the military keeps me in shape. I don’t work out for modeling; I work out for the army. As for my diet, I just eat whatever I want.

The Volk: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Vanessa: Hopefully in five years I will have finally earned my degree. I also just want to be able to see progression. I need to be in a better place than I am right now


The Volk: What trend are you most excited to wear this fall season and where will you be seen rocking it?
Vanessa: I know these have been out for a while, but I really want to wear sock boots! I’d also say I’ll be incorporating a lot of brown leather into my everyday autumn attire. Brown leather compliments everyone! If you don’t have any, get some.

Photography: Nate Schultz // Director: Michaela Rae // Fashions: Meghanlee Phillips // MUAH: Mark Navarro & Jen Wiles

Photography: Nate Schultz // Director: Michaela Rae // Fashions: Meghanlee Phillips // MUAH: Mark Navarro & Jen Wiles

The Volk: How would you describe your personal style? 
Vanessa: My personal style is very feminine. I like to wear a lot of floral prints and bold colors. I also enjoy loose fitted clothing. Except for dresses! I have to show off my figure in a dress!

The Volk: Do you have a style icon, if so who? 
Vanessa: Zendaya.  She is definitely my inspiration.

The VolkWhat about her style do you love?
Vanessa: Zendaya is very versatile. She provides a variety of different looks that I can draw from. I like the tomboy feminine lo:  casual and chic.

The Volk: Are there any local designers or brands that you love?
Vanessa: Porte Celestial! Anything, you want I can create. It is a custom clothing line where you can shop readymade clothing but you can also create your own look. I try to inspire the inner designer inside every one of my customers.

The Volk: Do you believe the way we dress, affects the way we think?
Vanessa:  In a way how you present yourself is how you feel about yourself. I say it is always best to step outside the house with your best foot forward!

The Volk: What advice would you give to those aspiring to become models?
Vanessa: Try it out.  Come in with your guard up until proven otherwise. Don’t try to dictate everything, and just go with the flow. Many new models come in and try to give input, but that isn’t the model’s job. Come to a shoot and be open- minded.  Try new things. I never thought putting gold all over my body would be a good idea, but now that I have seen the results those are some of my favorite images to date!

The Volk: What are your suggestions or ideas for bringing the people within MN fashion industry together?
Vanessa: Here’s the thing.  People in MN have the “crabs in a bucket” mentality:  all headed to same destination (the frying pan,), and yet they constantly have to step on one another to be the first to be boiled.  Instead of fighting with each other we should support one another and learn to wait our turns.


The Volk: What is the difference between living and existing?
Vanessa: Existing is just being there: just a being sitting in space. When you’re living, you’re embarking on every day. You are free, taking it all in, embracing everything about that day, about yourself and the world around.

The Volk: Do you prefer darkness or light? Can both be beautiful?
Vanessa: I prefer the dark. Only because I love solitude sometimes. There is a calming when everything is dark. It makes me feel safe. Light is also beautiful but my personality just enjoys the dark. They both can be exquisite. Especially when put together. For instance, a starry night sky is light and darkness together, and that is one of the most beautiful times of the day.

The VolkWhat is your favorite quote?
Vanessa: “You are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.”…Sophia Bush   -This is the quote for anyone in their 20’s. We are still working on ourselves, but we are such unique individuals continuously kicking ass. This quote allows me to know that I am where I am supposed to be and that is just fine. I am a beautiful mess.



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