Beauty Trend Alert: Dramatic Eyeliner

The drama is full fledged this fall with exquisite eyeliner ranging from thick kat-eyes to bold colors and winged liner. I’ve partnered up with beauty vlogger and makeup guru, Valencia Koger to put together a step by step on how to make your eyes dramatic this fall. With a step by step written tutorial, as well as a video, you’re certain to nail down your own personalized version of the dramatic eyes.

Just wing It


Is it the way it accentuates the eyes?  Is it the fierce statement it represents? How do you make it so thick? How do you get it so perfect? Tell us your secrets! I’m Valencia, a 23 year-old makeup artist and beauty influencer, obsessed with makeup, and an eyeliner problem-solver. Over the last year I’ve seen the Kat/wing eyeliner trend evolve and become more and more popular in a makeup routine. Finding the perfect angle and measuring your eye space can legitimately be the hardest! I just figured out how to create the perfect Kat eye. It took several trials and errors! One wing was always thicker than the other OR they weren’t the same length. How? I’m not sure girl, it was a struggle. I began to learn that it all starts with the product you’re using. Are you the gal who prefers to use a pencil? Do you ever experience smudging, smearing, or fading? How annoying, right!? I know that pain! You stared in the mirror all that time and sweated your armpits out trying to focus on complete perfection just for it to fade away 3 hours into your day. Stop settling for pencil liners because the perfect Kat eyes don’t work with pencil.  The next time you amp your game up, have a pep talk with yourself, you know that 101coaching session, and go for the kill by trying INK!!! That’s right I said ink! The boldest long-lasting Kat eyes result from liquid ink eyeliner. This idea is so scary to some, like what if it gets in my eye? Believe it or not you’ll be fine. Once you try ink you’re going to wish you had used it from the start! I’m trying to save you trips to various stores trying out hundreds of different eyeliners back-to-back! Maybe you’re a pro and you know how to apply gel eyeliner. No matter your level of experience or comfort I applaud you for trying.  When I want a Kat eye I always reach for my one and only, ride or die: the NYX Professional Makeup matte liquid liner. It retails for $6.99 and you can find it at your local drugstore or Ulta store. It’s my absolute favorite because it’s easy to apply. The applicator is very thin and helps with my precision. It lasts all day and it doesn’t smudge, peel, or crack. It doesn’t smear and if water hits it, it stays intact! I honestly watched hundreds of reviews and I’m not sure why it took me so long to try this product.


Here are a few steps I’ll share with you to go home and practice with:

Step One:

take a hand-held mirror and look down. Your mirror should be at chin level. Begin lining right on your top lash line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner of your eye. Apply a thin line. Breathe!! Easy, right?


Step Two:

lightly dip your brush in more ink, wiping the excess off the tip. Most struggle with the wing because they don’t know the angle. If you have ‘hooded eyes,” which means you feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease causing the lid to appear smaller, don’t stress! I have hooded eyes and it makes the liner look weird if a little bit of it gets on that section of my eye. If you don’t have hooded eyes and you have more lid space to work with you can disregard this step. Whatever applicator you’re using, you have to hold it a special way. In the first step you were holding your liner in a way that the brush moved away from the bridge of your nose. You want to go in that same direction to wing the liner out. Your starting point is the outer corner of your eye and you should see an invisible path in the skin going up towards the tail of your eyebrow, which is where you draw your line. You should be holding your applicator the same way you were holding it when you first started. To get the liner sharp you HAVE to be very light handed and stroke the liner faster or pull the skin from the tail of your brow upward.


Step Three

Now it’s time to connect the wing back to your eyelid. This is the step where you SINK or SWIM! In this step you have to reverse the direction of your applicator. The handle should be facing the bridge of your nose and the brush or tip should be facing in the direction of the tail of your eye brow in an upward angle. From the tail of your wing, being very light handed, look down in your mirror from chin level. You’re going to draw a line like you’re connecting an acute triangle, but where do you stop?? The answer is that you’re going to stop at your pupil. The line should look as though you’re drawing a line at an angle through your iris and pupil. Then you fill in the rest of your triangle you created and BOOM!! You’ve mastered your first wing.


That was 5 minutes of stress: holding your breath, a sweaty hand, stiff fingers, and wanting to give up.  After following these tips your trials and errors will turn into perfection soon. You’ll be more confident in that selfie from now on! Check out more of Valencia’s work and be sure subscribe on youtube!

DRAMA MAMA- Beauty Editorial

As you become more confident with the application process of your eyeliner, start adding some fun details such as a dynamic pop of color, or added design. You can even add glitter for the perfect Halloween sparkle. Which look is your favorite?!

Photographer: Rodel Querubin // Visionaries Meghanlee Phillips & Michaela Rae // Makeup & Hair: Mark Navarro & Marni Allyson // Talent: Violet Grabvoska, Skye Nashaye, Dani Lems & Sophia Heng // Publication: The Volk (Fall 2018)


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