TREND ALERT: Denim on Denim

Denim-on-denim was a major hit on the runway and it is a simple trend that we can bring to life right here in the mid-west. A trend that both men and women can curate, creating a look that reflects their personal style wonderfully. This week we are taking a look at why this trend is a definite must-have for this fall season!

For Her:

The horror of denim-on-denim has officially been broken with this season’s most seen trend on the runway. From Acne Studios to Ralph Lauren, this trend officially took over the runway. For the edgier girl, take a peek at the acid wash ensemble Ralph Lauren featured in his fall collection. With bleach stains and boyfriend styled jeans this ensemble is ideal for any casual day. Bring glamour to your denim-on-denim combination as seen in Balmain’s fall collection. Admire the delicate placement of white shearling bringing romance to your closet, while keeping things casual in matching distressed jeans. Acne Studios had fun adding a splash of plaid to the hemline of their denim, showing off two hot trends at once. You can no longer say denim-on-denim is just for the farm.  The fashion industry is taking on the style with a whole new outlook.

Autumn 2018 - Ready to Wear

For Him:

Pull out a couple of your favorite jeans and pair them with a matching denim jacket or shirt. Or get creative and play with different shades of denim throughout the layers you wear. Denim-on-denim was seen everywhere this season. Whether the denim was a heavy dark wash similar to what Botegga Veneta and Neil Barrett featured on the runway, or your classic blue denim distressed and painted like Miska showcase in their fall collection, denim-on-denim will be hot this season.

Autumn 2018 - Ready-to-Wear

Dynamic Denim - by: Sophia Heng

Photographer: Touchaingkong Yang // See more of Sophia's style at

Photographer: Touchaingkong Yang // See more of Sophia's style at

I LOVE DENIM!. Light-wash, dark-wash, high-waisted, hip-hugging, distressed or not - denim is a classic. Denim jeans have been around since the late 1800s and started off as workwear for laborers. It made its breakthrough in fashion in the 80s and has been a staple in our closets ever since. Denim jackets have come and gone with the trends, but recently have been spotted again on both men and women alike. (Admit it, you own one or two!) They are perfect for our   fall Minnesota nights when it’s not warm enough to wear just a tee, but not quite cold enough to bust out your parka.

This fall don’t be afraid to pair your favorite denim jacket with your go-to jeans! Denim-on-denim is no longer looked upon as a fashion no-no. Play with different washes when putting together your perfect denim duo. My entire outfit is from Forever21 (aside from my Adidas). I went for a more casual, laid-back look that you can wear when you’re just hanging with some friends around the city or sitting by the bonfire. My outfit consists of a pair of light-wash, high-waisted jeans, a black tee for contrast, and a light-wash (but slightly darker than my jeans) denim jacket that is actually from the Forever21 men’s collection! Seriously, why do the guys have some of the best stuff?! I personally like having an oversized denim jacket rather than a fitted one when rocking a denim-on-denim look. Oversized jackets scream fall! Or, if you want to go for a snazzier feel, dress up your denim outfit with a pair of heels and a blouse under a fitted denim jacket and you’ll be date-night ready! There are so many ways that you can piece together a denim-on-denim outfit.  I promise it won’t look tacky. Don’t let denim-on-denim intimidate you:  wear it with confidence!

Rock the Look:

Check out these denim-on-denim looks that are really easy to copy and can be worn all season long. Where will rock denim-on-denim?

Shop the Trend:

I have done all of the hard work for you, all you need to do is purchase! Look fantastic while supporting local businesses, talk about a win-win!

Alice Dress -  Spoils of Wear  $79.00

Alice Dress - Spoils of Wear $79.00

Chambray Top -  Spoils of Wear  $69.00

Chambray Top - Spoils of Wear $69.00

Cropped Culottes -  Spoils of Wear  $65.00

Cropped Culottes - Spoils of Wear $65.00

Chambray Shirt -  From Anny  $24.00

Chambray Shirt - From Anny $24.00

Button Down Denim Dress -  From Anny  $29.20

Button Down Denim Dress - From Anny $29.20

Denim Panel Dress -  From Anny  $24.80

Denim Panel Dress - From Anny $24.80


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