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Now that we have gotten the go-ahead on oversized scarves, you can guarantee that I will be living in one anytime I have to leave the house. If you’re anything like me, I put on a scarf, and simply wear all of my scarves the exact same way no matter what I am wearing. However, when it comes to Over-sized scarves, variety is key. Otherwise you will always look like you’re being eaten alive by cozy knitwear! Don’t worry, I have put together five different different looks each incorporating this weeks trend: an oversized scarf. Now, grab your scarf (or a few) and head on into your closet for five looks, that will have you feeling snuggly and fresh all winter long.


Look #1 At the Office

Yes, you read that right. You can rock an oversized scarf to the office. Start by sliding into your favorite pair of trousers and pair them with a sleek turtleneck. (A simple long sleeve shirt will do just fine as well, if you’re not into turtlenecks) Be sure to tuck your shirt into your trousers, keeping you professional and put together. Slide a pair of heels, and layer with your blanket scarf, using it like a cardigan. Pin the scarf with a fantastic vintage broach and you’re all set to impress the boss and your co-workers. Plus this ensemble is easy to transition to happy hour. Simply remove the broach and you’re ready for an evening of apps and drinks. Cheers to a hard day at work!


Look #2 Girls Night Out

Play up your femininity while staying warm! Slip into your favorite skirt, whether it is a-line or body con this combination is certain to turn heads everywhere you go! Pair your skirt with a fitted turtleneck or long sleeve shirt. As always, be sure to tuck the shirt into your skirt, keeping your look smooth and sleek. Add a pair of ankle booties with tights or pull out the effortlessly sexy thigh high boots, adding some height and drama to your look. Layer with your blanket scarf, this time rocking it as a shawl. Keep your hands all night long for selfies, drinks and dancing by simply belting the blanket scarf in its place. Notice how by belting the scarf, your figure is shown off, making this look perfect for Girls Night Out. Hurrah for friends and cut winter styling tips!


Look #3 Running Errands

Running errands has never felt (or looked) so good! Grab your favorite statement leggings (I usually prefer fleece lining) and pair them with a classic thermal or cozy sweatshirt. Feel free to grab a puffer vest if needed for extra warmth. Slide into your favorite sneakers or keep things extra comfortable with classic Ugg boots. Either way, you’re ready to run errands quickly and efficiently, helping you stay on track with your busy #bossbabe schedule. Throw on your blanket scarf pushing one half of the scarf over your shoulder with the same efforts as a hair flip. This laid back combination may be extremely chill, but you will still haute rocking the easy #streetwear style you always dreamed of. Yay for fleece lined leggings and running shoes!


Look #4 Outdoor Winter Activities

I don’t know about all of you, but ice skating, sleigh rides and walking throughout the city during the winter, have always seemed like fun activities! Don’t let the cold weather ruin your styling selections for outdoor activities. (Obviously this outfit isn’t meant for snowball fights, sledding with the kiddos or rough outdoor activities) Slip into a maxi dress, maxi skirt or jumpsuit and admire the length keeping you warm all throughout the winter. Feel free to layer a pair of tights or leggings underneath adding extra warmth to your look. Once you have on your maxi dress/maxi skirt or jumpsuit, layer with a cozy sweater, immediately adding a warm outer layer. (If needed always feel free to layer a long-sleeve shirt underneath all of it, for maximum heat) Use your blanket scarf almost as a choker, by throwing both sides over your shoulder, giving you a giant turtleneck look. This style is perfect for fighting biting winds. Don’t forget to use the scarf as a face mask by simply pulling it in front of your nose and mouth. You’ll be surprised at all incredibly helpful this style is, for outdoor activities. Complete the look with a hot cup of cocoa and you’re ready for an adventure that comes your way!


Look #5 Date Night

Remember the sparkly dress/skirt or Jumpsuit you bought that is just so over-the-top you knew you had to have it, but for whatever reason you haven’t found a reason to wear it yet? Don’t worry, I have you covered! (What a relief) Grab that sparkly statement piece and pair with classic turtleneck or long sleeve shirt, creating a very classy look. Use your blanket scarf as a shawl and immediately fall in love with how glamorous this combination makes you feel. Channel your inner Hollywood star, and slap on some red lipstick bringing more flare to this fabulous combination. Whether you’re in a jumpsuit, dress or skirt, you will definitely need a pair of heels. Make a final statement with red or keep things minimal and classy with a black or nude. Now grab your sweetheart, and head on out for a night of romance and allure!


Photo Credits:

Camera: Ivy Christina // Fashions: Meghanlee Phillips // Director: Marcus Styles //
Hair: Kaisa Johnson // Makeup: Mikelle Brown // Model: Anna Grove

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