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Disney Trip in 2015/ Notice my leopard print sleeves!

Disney Trip in 2015/ Notice my leopard print sleeves!

Growing up I was known as “Cheetah Girl” because I would somehow incorporate animal print into my outfit. Whether it be as bold as a cheetah print dress or as simple as a cheetah print bracelet, you were certain to find some sort of animal print within my outfit. After graduating high school, I left that cute little trait about me in my past. However, I still have a love for animal prints; especially cheetah/leopard. (Yes I know there is a difference). Therefore, when I saw animal prints all over the runway for Winter 2019, I was ecstatic!

With Animal prints officially back for the winter, the options are endless. With looks ranging from cheetah/leopard and zebra to snake skin and faux alligator, you’ll never run out of options. This trend took over fashion week with almost every collection featuring some sort of animal pattern at some point on their runway.  Animal print can be used as a neutral accessory such as the skinny belt and matching hat that Michael Kors featured, or as an eye-popping outfit similar to the fiery red leopard print ensemble Tom Ford sent down the runway. The color, structure, or item doesn’t matter as long as there is pop of animal print somewhere in the look. Both Maxa Mara and Garett Pugh displayed head-to-toe cheetah print with oversized jackets and matching pants. Try combining two trends into one as inspired by Tom Ford’s colorful faux fur leopard print jacket, showcasing both the animal print and the colorful faux fur. This trend is perfect for edgier personalities to bring their vibrant personalities to life! How will you incorporate animal prints into your wardrobe?

Ready to Wear AW 18/19


Just because I don’t incorporate animal print into every single outfit of mine, I still thoroughly enjoy rocking animal print from time to time. The key to animal print is finding the balance between edgy and classy, making this one of the more fun trends to rock. For instance, a plastic animal print on anything, will probably cheapen the look, making this chic trend look smutty. However, find a lush faux fur in a leopard print or a classic a-line skirt and you’re certain to make a statement in all the right ways. When using an animal as a neutral, make sure you select a print with a neutral color palette. For instance, If I grab a brown and tan leopard print skirt and pair it with a white tee that has skinny black stripes, the animal print will be seen as a neutral and the stripes will be the statement. For animal print beginners, I’d suggest investing in a skinny leopard print belt and perhaps a matching cross-body bag or clutch. Rock the belt and bag with your favorite little black dress, and you’ve instantly elevated your classy ensemble to a posh combination. Below you will find three looks of mine that I create this fall and winter, all incorporating some for of animal print. (Sorry leopard print is my pattern of choice)


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Per usual, I have done some hunting and found a few animal print pieces from Minnesota brands that I think you will love! All of the brands are locally owned and run by fellow Minnesota boss babes, which makes purchasing pieces from them event sweeter! Which animal print piece is your favorite?

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