Beauty TREND ALERT: Messy Hair

If there is one beauty trend I am most excited about for the winter, it is definitely this one.  The ability to rock messy hair and not feel bad about it is just what I need as a working momprenuer. There are definitely days where it can be extremely difficult to keep my look polished and sleek. However, I will always put my best efforts forward to make sure I am presentable. This season, don’t even sweat small like frizzy hair or wispy baby hairs, because this season it is all about embracing the “I just got off of my couch” look. A variety of designers, featured chillax messy hair vibes as the models strut the runway in haute couture. The few that stood out to me were Chanel’s messy buns, Cividini’s  updo, and Giorgio Armani’s braids, each creating a unique take on keeping hair fashionably messy.  With romantic wisps and natural frizz, these are looks that anyone can aspire to accomplish.

Ready to Wear Winter 2019

With this trend being so fantastic, and easy to accomplish, I was ecstatic to see creative director of The Volk, Michaela Rae, create a beauty editorial based around this trend. Michaela partnered up with photographer, Katherina Vang to bring this messy vision to life. Check out the images below capturing the stunning Willow Weaver and handsome Juan Torres, as they show us how immensely chic messy hair can truly be!


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Meghanlee Phillips is the Editor-in-Chief of The Volk Magazine. With a passion for fashion, a love for writing and her lifestyle focused around mental health; she has been able to bring all three together to create the mid-western fashion/lifestyle magazine, The Volk. Keep up to date with her and her vibrant style by following @msmeghanlee (Instagram)