Mental Health: Week 6 - Gratitude Challenge

What aspect of nature do you love?

Camera: Alex Kohnstamm // Makeup: Casey Pearson // Hair: Mark Navarro // Style: Meghanlee // Model: Hannah Peltier // Publication: The Volk (Fall ‘17)

Camera: Alex Kohnstamm // Makeup: Casey Pearson // Hair: Mark Navarro // Style: Meghanlee // Model: Hannah Peltier // Publication: The Volk (Fall ‘17)

When I was a little girl, my favorite Disney princess was Pocahontas. Maybe it was because she was the only brown princess during my childhood, other than Jasmine. Or maybe because I thought she was a badass woman who really connected with the land, and the world around her, which I truly appreciated, and aspired to be like. I loved the thought of being connected to nature so much, that I actually would hug trees and talk to them, in the sense that they were our friends. If we wanted the trees to provide us with fresh oxygen, we needed to respect and treat them with love and kindness. Which leads me to share that trees or woods, are my favorite aspect nature. I am consistently grateful for the beautiful and strong plant that provides so much for the world, while receiving very little in return.

Think about it, trees, bring so much value to our lives, every single day and we often take them for granted. Not only do trees, help provide oxygen, but they also conserve energy by providing us with natural shade and cooling services during the summer. Whether it is in an urban area, or out in the country, trees help protect living creatures from UV rays . Trees are also able to provide food (depending on the type of tree of course) and add depth and beauty to a concrete jungle or unsightly views. What is especially cool about trees, is that they are healing. Studies have shown that people who can view trees, or spend time by trees, will recover quicker from an injury than those who cannot see a tree or other plant life.

What I find the most calming is spending some time out in a wooded area. Whether I am hiking with my family, or simply take a walk down a wooded path, I can almost always spark inspiration from the structure and beauty of a tree. It most enjoyable when I can have my headphones in and listen to the dramatic beats by Electus, instantly invoking a new creative idea or direction.

What aspect of Nature are you most grateful for? I want to know, that way I can be on look out for more natural peace given to us by the creator.



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