Beauty TREND ALERT: Blush

Rosy cheeks are perfect for the winter season to add some color to our pale winter faces. Adding a natural blush brings a sense of youthfulness, helping to brighten up your face.  Play with color and find a matching lipstick if you’re looking for a more eye-catching make-up look, or keep things natural with a neutral lip-color and a light layer of blush on your cheeks. You can also layer blush over your favorite highlighter, helping emphasize your amazing cheek bones, while still adding some color to your winter skin. Designers, Cividini, Phillips Plein, Au Jour Le Jour and many more had their models blushing down the runway, making this one of the beauty trends of the season. If you’re going to add one make-up trend to your winter style, add a hint of blush to bring a natural glow to your face.


I live by this trend, for I think it is great touch to a cold-winter look, some chic rosy cheeks. I swear by Physcian’’s Formula when it comes to my blush and I typically use their WARM blush palette. This blush is created by health experts and they are integrated a subtle lavender scent to their products to help boost your mood, keeping you positive and beautiful! Not only is the lavender scent a great touch but the color is very vibrant, meaning you don’t have to press hard or use a lot when applying, making this palette last quite a long time. Talk about getting your money’s worth! You can find this blush at either Target or Walgren’s retailing for about $11.99.


What’s really fun about this trend, it that it can be universal and worn by both men and women, adding some color to their pale winter skin. We had a blast showing how incredibly diverse this beauty trend can be with local Minnesota models, Dani Lems & Jiyoo Noeru. See the rest of this fun editorial showcasing more local talent and learn how to incorporate blush into your winter beauty style, by ordering the winter 2018/19 issue of The Volk!

Camera: Ivy Christina // Creative Director: Michaela Rae // Beauty: Mark Navarro // Talent: Dani Lems & Jiyoo Noeru


Meghanlee Phillips is the Editor-in-Chief of The Volk Magazine. With a passion for fashion, a love for writing and her lifestyle focused around mental health; she has been able to bring all three together to create the mid-western fashion/lifestyle magazine, The Volk. Keep up to date with her and her vibrant style by following @msmeghanlee (Instagram)