Mental Health: Week 8 - Gratitude Challenge

What movie brought a new sense of purpose to you after watching?

I have always been a curious little bugger. I never saw things in black and white. I was always one to want to get to know the “black sheep” or become friends with the “outcasts”. Maybe it was because I was an outcast at both my school, and my church, and I knew exactly what it felt like to never fit in with anyone. Or maybe because I am an empath and I always seek to understand. Regardless, I have had four movies that truly spoke to me, encouraging my curiosity and inspiring me to continue to ask questions and always try my best to find the truth. I know, I am sorry, I never have just one favorite. There are just so many quality movies, that I cannot pick just one to answer this question.

Coraline - PG

Coraline Jones and her family move into a new home that has a lot of history. As Coraline starts to explore all of the nooks and cranny’s of their home, she finds a doorway that leads into an alternative reality. The weird part, is that this alternative reality mirrors her actual life, except for the fact that everyone and everything is exactly how she would want it to be, creating her own ultimate utopia. As Coraline enjoys her “perfect world” she soon discovers that getting everything she wants comes with deadly consequences. This movie reminded me a lot of the quote, “The devil was once an angel”. Showing that not everything that seems good is truly good. Evil can be deceptive and enticing, in hopes of gaining your trust and maybe even corrupting you.


The Truman Show - PG

If I were to be 100% truthful, I think this is the most thought provoking and well done movie I have ever seen in my entire life. This is the movie that had me questioning everything around me, and it taught me to seek for the truth in everything I am taught or told to believe. From religious leaders, to government officials and even professors and teachers. We live in a world, where we are suppose to take everything said as fact, when in fact, the truth will always lie somewhere in between what is said, and what they don’t want you to know. In the movie, Jim Carrey plays a man by the name of Truman Burbanks, and he doesn’t know it but he has been secretly being filmed 24/7 and showcased to the world from the moment he was born. Throughout the movie, Truman starts to notice how strangely planned everything around him seems to be which is what inspires him to find answers. That is when he turns into a madman trying to find the truth about the only world he has ever known.


Pleasantville - PG-13

In this time travel movie, we follow Reese Witherspoon and Toby McGuire as they endure life in a perfect 1950’s family sitcom. Not only do they turn into black and white characters along with the rest of the movie set sitcom, but they start to notice how incredibly unfair and unjust the world of this “utopia” truly is. Eventually they both start to stir up trouble by introducing their innocent friends to world of art, music, sex and education, invoking a movement for freedom and rights for all. This movie taught me to be true to myself, and let my creativity seep into the world around me, helping bring beauty everywhere I go. It also emphasized the importance of standing up for what it right and true, no matter how strong the loud majority may seem.


The Number 23 - R

If you love thrillers and tend to be interested in conspiracy theory’s, this is the perfect movie for you. Jim Carrey (I know another Jim Carrey movie) plays a typical American man, who comes across an ominous book titled 23. As he starts to read this very non-discript book, he notices similarities in his own life, and is quickly convinced that this book is written about him. Throughout his hunt to find the truth behind the author and the story, he soon finds a dark and twisted answer he wasn’t prepared for. This movie, like the others speaks a lot about finding the truth and not giving up until the truth is revealed.

I guess overall, all of these movies, have impacted my life in the sense that I find the truth to be very important to me. All of the movies generalized topics were about seeking further understanding and fighting for what each character thought to be true. Maybe that explains why I absolutely cannot stand liars, or those who portray half-truths as facts.

What movie, impacted your life? I am definitely a movie, junkie, so hearing new titles are perfect excuses for me to watch more movies!


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