beauty TREND ALERT: Almost No Makeup

The air is still stuffy as the weather dabbles back and forth between winter and spring. Take care of your skin this season and embrace the bare face, helping you really focus on skin care. Instead of blush, highlighter, and bronzer, this season is all about your natural glow. Invest in quality moisturizers and spend this season preparing your skin for the harsh sun rays of summer to come. Although this trend comes around every spring and summer, this year things are a little bit different.  Instead of keeping all things bare, add a vibrant pop of color with a statement lip making this trend a little more funky than fresh.

Ready to Wear Spring 2019


The key to rocking this trend all season long, is learning how to properly take care of your skin. Instead of spending thousands of dollars a year on a complex skin care routine, you can invest in these five amazing products that are certain to add a youthful glow to your skin. With these five products you will be able to minimize acne scars, rejuvenate your skin and see results within 1 month of using these all-natural, Minnesota made, products by Essence One!

Detox Charcoal Bar - $12
Start your day with the Detox Charcoal Bar, helping smooth blemishes and tighten your skin is the perfect way to start your day. Simply use this every morning in the shower when you wash your face, and immediately feel refreshed when you step out of the shower. With the activated charcoal inside this bar, your skin is tighten, bringing a more youthful look to your face. You will also notice over the course of a month that your skin will even out its tone as well as heal any damages on your face. If that doesn’t scream morning magic I don’t know what will?!

Youthful Daytime Serum - $36
Once your face is detoxed and clean after using the charcoal bar, it is vital to moisturize your skin. Add a youthful glow with the anti-aging benefits of the Youthful Daytime Serum. Using just 5-6 drops in the morning, you can rub this beautifully scented serum right onto your face leaving your face feeling moisturized and refreshed!

Facial Polishing Grains - $22
In the evenings, before you head to bed, exfoliate your skin with the Facial Polishing Grains, leaving your skin feeling extra soft and clean. These grains are known for not only exfoliating your skin, but they help increase circulation throughout your face, as well as decrease any inflammation in your skin. You can either use these grains every evening, or every other day, making this skin care routine a little more flexible!

Youthful Nighttime Facial Serum - $36
Once you’re done exfoliating your face, always remember to hydrate your face! For ultimate hydration results, rub in 4-6 drops of the Youthful Nighttime Serum into your face and fall asleep, letting the serum perform its magic. When I say you can be sleeping beauty, this serum proves it to be possible! Fall asleep, let the serum work and wake up with a natural glow!

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What is really cool about Essence One, is the fact that they sell all four of these products separately in-store and online, OR you can invest in the Facial Care Starter Kit, for just $108! With the kit you will get all four products as well as plenty of knowledge, informing you of all of the science behind each product, as well as how to use each product properly! Don’t settle for cheap brands that purposefully dry out your skin, invest in a MN Brand that is all-natural and certain to heal your skin leaving you looking, feeling and smelling your absolute best!

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