Mental Health: Every BODY is Beautiful

You’re like, really pretty

Size 0 Meghanlee - year 2013

Size 0 Meghanlee - year 2013

Size 8-10 Meghanlee 2018 // Photographer:  Rodel Querubin

Size 8-10 Meghanlee 2018 // Photographer: Rodel Querubin

Hey #babe, Can I tell you a story?

It all starts with a teenage girl who really wanted to become a #model. She was thin and long. Which is apparently the “ #perfect “ body type for modeling. So she did. She worked out, ate as little as possible, and did her very best to stay as thin as she possibly could and quickly became a “model” shooting for a variety of different brands and projects throughout the Twin Cities.

Along the way, this teenage girl turned into a young woman, still thin and still holding true to that boyish figure. Eventually she would meet a man and together they would have baby. Her tiny little frame wasn’t strong enough to care for and create a healthy baby, so her body had improvise and after giving birth she had become 4-5 sizes larger than what she was prior to being pregnant. While most of #society told her to work it off and that she would snap back to her pre-baby body, her body did not quite abide and soon she started to feel “fat”.

Now, all of her clothes that were a size 0 had to be replaced by sizes 8-10. After spending most of her life being the smallest size in the store, she was now ALWAYS a large. And if I were to be honest. She felt horrible about it. She hated her new figure. She wasn’t use to it. The wider hips, the fuller face, larger rack, and the #postbaby belly, she didn’t know what to do with it. She didn’t like how she looked in the mirror she hated seeing herself in photos, and she didn’t know how what she could/should or shouldn’t wear. She spent a year using #clothes to hide everything, and every time she went out shopping she hated it, because she felt that nothing flattered her new #body and she was always the largest sizes in the store. This was a #nightmare (or was it?)

One day, while scrolling through Pinterest she came across images of women. #Beautiful #women. All shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities. She saw them all wearing the same style swimsuit. And it suddenly hit her. Any BODY can wear ANYTHING. And ALL sizes and body types can be/are beautiful. It’s all just a matter of #selflove and #confidence. While she has always preached it, and known this to be true, it was much easier to “preach” than following through with sustainable actions.

As we all know that believing/preaching that is so much easier said than done. But this young woman was determined to #bethechange . After spending months trying to shop for her new body type she eventually noticed that sizes past Large were in the #plussize section of the store which was usually very small and put in the back or in a corner of the store. As she meandered through this department she was disappointed in the lack of style, sass and uniqueness the clothing had to offer. And she started to wonder:

“Why can’t all sized women have the same pieces and styles? Why do the #curvywomen have to be sold ho-hum pieces that don’t even flatter their curves? But the more #petitewomen can show off every inch of their boyish figure? Why why WHY?”

Due to the frustration, this young woman took it upon herself to prove to the world that your age, size and ethnicity DO NOT matter when it comes to fashion. It is all about looking and feeling your best while using clothing as an #artform to express yourself.

With all of this being said, I am so excited to share that the #summer2019 #collection of The Volk Boutique will be catering women from sizes S-3XL and ALL of the pieces in the new #summercollection are available in ALL of the sizes. See the new collection in person on June 1st at Stellar Connect from 2-6pm and shop a collection that has been curated for all! For it doesn’t matter your age, your size nor your ethnicity; we were all created to be uniquely chic. And we are determined to embrace that, here, at The Volk Boutique!

Meghanlee Phillips is the Editor-in-Chief of The Volk Magazine. With a passion for fashion, a love for writing and her lifestyle focused around mental health; she has been able to bring all three together to create the mid-western fashion/lifestyle magazine, The Volk. Keep up to date with her and her vibrant style by following @msmeghanlee (Instagram)