Fashion: Faux Fur (Part 2)


They say that Minnesota has two seasons: winter and road construction. I have lived in Minnesota all my life so I am well acquainted with its unforgiving winters. I’ve mastered the art of layers in an attempt to stay warm, even if it meant looking like I was about to embark on an expedition up Mount Everest. This is perfectly normal for us Minnesotans. However, there are some winter days where I have to dress up, whether it be for a party or a fancy dinner with my girls. The last thing I want to do is to throw on my giant parka that hides my entire outfit! Who says you can’t look just as bomb on the outside as the outfit underneath? As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day, I came across the solution. The picture I saw was of Janice Joostema (IG: janicejoostemaa), one of my favorite fashionistas. In her Instagram post, Janice was posing in the street with her blush faux fur coat. I immediately fell in love and found my inspiration for this article. With faux fur coats, you can still slay on the streets in the winter months. So even if nobody can see your outfit when you’re outside, you’ll definitely still get a compliment or two with this winter trend.

I’m ready to go out on the town dressed in my bodycon black knit dress and my staple thigh-high boots, while keeping warm and looking stylish in my own blush faux fur coat. Pink was never a color choice for me growing up. I always felt like the color never worked on me because of my skin tone. However, I realized that you can make any color work on you if it’s the right shade. I personally could not rock a hot pink but a muted pink or blush will do. Experiment with different shades to find the one most flattering for you! Lellian is ready to join me for a girls’ night out! Pictured here, she is dressed in all white with a crop top and a bodycon skirt. Not pictured are her classic thigh-high boots. Keeping her warm and chic is her slate gray faux fur coat. Lellian says that wearing the coat for this shoot makes her feel so boujee and she’s loving it. It really goes to show the effect your clothes can have on your confidence. I also really like the neutral color of this coat because it can be worn over any outfit effortlessly! Faux fur coats are definitely a trend this season and are popping up in all of your favorite retail stores. They come in so many different colors and textures so find one that matches your style! I can promise that it will quickly become one of your favorite statement pieces. Everyone deserves to feel a little extra and boujee once in a while. If you want to see more pictures, head on over to my lifestyle blog ‘With Meraki’ that I run with Lellian!

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