Mental Health: Week 1 - Gratitude Challenge

Questions: What happened today that brought peace in your life?

My family of three when baby was first born = PEACE

My family of three when baby was first born = PEACE

2 years ago today, I gave birth to a beautiful baby. That baby immediately brought me peace. While most would think giving birth and raising a child would be anything but peaceful. I would highly disagree. Holding my child for the very first time was probably one of the most peaceful moments of my life.

Maybe it was because my pregnancy was incredibly difficult and I was just happy to have it all over with? During my pregnancy I was blacking out, couldn’t stand for very long, and during the last month of my pregnancy I had to go in weekly for iron infusions. The reasoning was since I am anemic I wasn’t able to produce enough iron for both myself and my child. Therefore my child was taking all of the tiny amounts of iron my body was able produce leaving me with nothing. When all was done and over with, and I was able to hold my babes with my husband by my side; I was at total peace. Even with all of the visitors who over-stayed their welcome. If I were to do it again I would have requested no visitors and just spent the first few days alone with my husband and our newest addition, giving my husband and I the ultimate peace we both mentally and physically needed.

Babes and I this Fall 2018

Babes and I this Fall 2018

After my child was born, my entire outlook on life completely changed. Instead of looking at how I would fulfill myself with my selfish ways, I was focusing on how every decision I made would have an affect on my child, and I wanted to be sure I was making the best decisions possible. I was determined to give my child a life that would be beneficial in all ways. Focusing on providing my baby with more memories and experiences rather than material things. With all of this in mind, my child immediately became my very reason for living (other than my husband of course).

Now you’re probably scratching your heads, pointing out that all of this peace was years ago, and the question above asked about today. Well, since today is my baby’s birthday, it brings me peace to know that my child is happy, healthy and growing with another year under their belt! As a parent I tend to worry that I am not enough, or that I am not doing enough to provide the best life for my kid. But to know that today my child is continuing to grow and learn while being healthy and extremely happy, brings another moment of peace. If that doesn’t bring a parent peace, I don’t know what will.

Life is short and very temporary. We never know what the future holds. However, we do have control as far as what we do right here and now. And having the ability to make each day a little better, is something that always brings me some peace of mind.

No day but today. Happy Birthday kiddo!

Love always,


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