Mental Health: Week 11 - Gratitude Challenge

What lesson did you learn as a child that you still use as an adult? How has this lesson changed your lifestyle?


I can tell you up front, I have yet to use trigonometry in my life. When reading this question I was trying to think of things I learned in school, but honestly I couldn’t come up with anything good. (Isn’t that scary and sad!) I learned how to write a check from my dad, I learned how save and spend money without going into debt by both my parents. My work ethic came from my father and I learned/developed my morals from my mom. I guess my parents were more educational than any of my school years. Oops!

However, there was one thing that I take pride in today as an adult, all thanks to my mother. In my childhood, my mother was very strict when it came to telling the truth and being transparent. Honesty was the the most important thing to her, and because of that I was able to learn how to properly express my feelings and tell the honest truth, without fear of judgement, punishment etc. Granted, if I did something bad, I was definitely properly disciplined; but since I knew how to tell the truth, it made communication with my mother much easier. Having the ability to be open and honest about myself, my feelings and things I been going through, helped develop a unique relationship with my mother. Not only was she my life teacher, mentor and parent, but she quickly became my best friend, which is exactly what I needed and still need today! With our honesty we have been able to hold each other accountable without hurting feelings or taking things too personally. All of which have helped me in my adulthood life today.

I think the easiest example to bring to light would be how I act in relationships. Whether they are romantic, friendships or purely business related, honesty is something that comes by naturally to me, and everyone who is in my life will receive the honest truth from me at some point or another. With my husband especially, I think it is vital to be transparent. How can you build a proper relationship by hiding your emotions, your thoughts and your dreams?! How can my husband know what I am going through, if I cannot be honest with him. To be honest, the transparency I have definitely threw my husband off for awhile; but I also think that is why he was attracted to me: there was absolutely nothing to hide. In fact, my husband likes to make fun of me, because I cannot for the life of me tell a lie. Even if it is good lie, like planning a surprise party, I cannot lie. It’s the worst but also the best, because he can trust me in any situation knowing that I physically and morally cannot lie. Having this trait has helped me build solid relationships with people who can appreciate and accept my transparency. It has also made me a very loyal friend, because you know that no matter what I cannot tell a lie. And who doesn’t love having a friend or family member they know won’t lie?!

Let me know in the comments what lesson you learned as a kid that you still use as an adult today?! I’d love to keep the conversation going!


Meghanlee Phillips is the Editor-in-Chief of The Volk Magazine. With a passion for fashion, a love for writing and her lifestyle focused around mental health; she has been able to bring all three together to create the mid-western fashion/lifestyle magazine, The Volk. Keep up to date with her and her vibrant style by following @msmeghanlee (Instagram)