Fashion, Beauty Art : Summer 2019

Cool, Collective & Extremely Creative

Art (n): the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form

I’ve always been a lover of art; however, I will be honest and share that as a child I absolutely despised arts and crafts. I didn’t want to sit and color in-between the lines: I wanted to splatter paint and make a mess! Looking back, I think this is why I enjoyed art museums.  Art wasn’t just one definite thing: art was an ever-changing interpretation of life, always changing.  As I would explore art museums, I discovered that art could literally be anything! As long as you are expressing a feeling or telling a story, the options of how-to creative are endless. Growing up, I loved to create art through theatre, creative writing, and most importantly with how I would dress (tutus over my overalls was definitely a look).  With all of this being said, you will notice that the focus of this issue is getting creative and allowing our inner artists to shine in the hot summer sun!

Camera: Nate Schultz

Camera: Nate Schultz

Cool, collective, and extremely creative is what the summer of 2019 is looking like for The Volk. In this issue, take a step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the extremely artistic pages throughout the magazine. Gain knowledge on how to rock the 11 coolest trends this season, and become inspired by a variety of both fashion and beauty editorials. Notice how each editorial tells a story that has plenty of room for interpretation, leaving the storyline in your hands! Learn all about the wild child fashion designer: our rad cover guy Coty Schooley. Read how Coty’s free spirit led him to become one of Minnesota’s boldest fashion designers. Find beauty from our summer It Girl interview with the famous pin-up model, Ginger Watson. Learn to love yourself through all stages of life with 4 Girls Glamour female photographer Elizabeth Vovk, and check out two local boutiques with our newest addition Street Where, bringing light to the small fashion treasures found right here in Minnesota!   Don’t forget to take notes on all of the amazing boutiques and designers that partnered with us throughout the quarter, providing us with an amazing wardrobe for all of our shoots. As for mental health, this quarter we are taking a deep dive into the honest facts about ADHD and how to successfully live with it.

With the power of self-expression, a love for fashion and beauty, and an appreciation for art, you are certain to vibe with the vibrant colors, unique patterns, and out-of-the-box fashions throughout this issue. I’d say the goal for this summer is to take a step out of your comfort zone and release your inner creative. Are you ready for some art?

Xoxo, Meghanlee


Meghanlee Phillips is the Editor-in-Chief of The Volk Magazine. With a passion for fashion, a love for writing and her lifestyle focused around mental health; she has been able to bring all three together to create the mid-western fashion/lifestyle magazine, The Volk. Keep up to date with her and her vibrant style by following @msmeghanlee (Instagram)