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Beauty Trend Alert: Dramatic Eyeliner

The drama is full fledged this fall with exquisite eyeliner ranging from thick kat-eyes to bold colors and winged liner. I’ve partnered up with beauty vlogger and makeup guru, Valencia Koger to put together a step by step on how to make your eyes dramatic this fall. With a step by step written tutorial, as well as a video, you’re certain to nail down your own personalized version of the dramatic eyes.

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The Good, The Bad and Vanessa

Many may become anxious with her Resting Bitch Face, but believe me when I say that is merely all it is. Behind the non-expressive mask, Vanessa Lawson is a young woman working on self-love and building her own version of a success story. Her drive to succeed isn’t just for herself, but for her family as well. She wants to help provide for and inspire the people she loves most in the world. For those of you who don’t take the time to get to know Ms.Lawson, you are truly missing out on a fantastic addition to your life.

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The Beauty Way

In the current state of affairs, it is all too easy to wake up empty and frightened. To wake up this way is often also an experience of people experiencing mental illness. The past four years I have lived and breathed social work, learning in school about mental health and social justice. The knowledge has made me even more aware of the issues facing humanity, while creating a certain kind of rigid mind set needed to manage the academic work in order to attain a degree. I’ve also stayed up nights and woke up mornings reading one troubling news story after another.

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Mental Health: Exploring Self-Care

What do you think and feel when you hear the word self-care? It may appear self-care is a recent trend that only younger generations take part in. I have heard people (mostly middle-aged women) ask, “What is self-care?” and “How do I do it?” I have heard them say, “I am not good at self-care” or “It’s not realistic to take care of myself. I am a mother. I work full-time…” For some, self-care is just one more thing to do and if it’s not done, it’s one more area in their lives to feel badly about. For others, it seems too self-indulgent.

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Discussing with Daphne

The best combination to have is brains and beauty, and Daphne Jalteco has just that. The former Miss Minnesota Latina (2017) has not only created her own business but has also been the first in her Latin-American family to go to college; which makes her a perfect candidate to be our summer 2018 cover girl. Check out the fun Q&A Editor-in-Chief, Meghanlee Phillips, had with the beautiful Daphne!

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Words Hurt- Part 2

The ugliest word in the dictionary is exactly what I said, “ugly”.
Have you ever been called ugly? Have you ever called someone ugly? Isn’t it interesting how such a small word can be incredibly destructive. As we continue to explore how words really do hurt, journalist, Ari Sunflower, narrows in on the four letter word, and eploits the damage this dangerous word can cause. 

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