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Let's Kiss Summer Goodbye!

My absolute favorite time of the year: autumn! For whatever reason, I have been eagerly waiting, at the edge of my seat, for autumn to finally grace us with its presence. Maybe it is because my daughter is finally at an age where we can partake in fun family activities, or maybe it is because Midwest fashion is taking over the industry with trends featuring classic plaids, denims, and, of course, as many layers as possible! Either way, I am thrilled to welcome autumn back in style.

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Mental Health: Exploring Self-Care

What do you think and feel when you hear the word self-care? It may appear self-care is a recent trend that only younger generations take part in. I have heard people (mostly middle-aged women) ask, “What is self-care?” and “How do I do it?” I have heard them say, “I am not good at self-care” or “It’s not realistic to take care of myself. I am a mother. I work full-time…” For some, self-care is just one more thing to do and if it’s not done, it’s one more area in their lives to feel badly about. For others, it seems too self-indulgent.

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Because of the Brave

With the weather heating up, and the holiday in the middle of week, many are bustling, getting ready for family cook-outs and late-night fireworks! This holiday is all about spending time with those around you and your outfit needs to be festive, chic and realistic. Don’t worry I have a few looks to help inspire your Fourth July ensemble using classic wardrobe essentials.

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