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Let's Kiss Summer Goodbye!

My absolute favorite time of the year: autumn! For whatever reason, I have been eagerly waiting, at the edge of my seat, for autumn to finally grace us with its presence. Maybe it is because my daughter is finally at an age where we can partake in fun family activities, or maybe it is because Midwest fashion is taking over the industry with trends featuring classic plaids, denims, and, of course, as many layers as possible! Either way, I am thrilled to welcome autumn back in style.

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Message from Meghanlee

I would be lying if I said putting this issue together was super easy. It definitely wasn’t. Maybe it was because we had an April snowstorm that kept me stuck inside for longer than I would have liked. Or maybe it was because I procrastinated on things that I should have done a while back causing me to rush around like a chicken with its head cut off. Regardless, I am extremely happy and proud to finally send this magazine to print.

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