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Summer Cover Guy: Coty Schooley

Cool, collective, and creative is exactly how I would describe Coty Schooley. When I first met this wild and free spirit, he had a giant smile across his face and an array of patterns and colors throughout his outfit.  Both of these are what instantly captured my attention, and I knew almost immediately that he was a guy I had to get to know.

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Mental Health: Every BODY is Beautiful

After having my baby, I became incredibly dissatisfied with my body, and my outward appearance. Most of it had to do with my own personal perspective of what being beautiful meant. But a lot of what I thought was exactly how society wants us to think. Thin = beautiful, which is extremely far from the truth. Join me and my journey of how I plan to #bethechange for the fashion industry and ALL of the body types who love to wear art!

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Beauty TREND ALERT: Messy Hair

If there is one beauty trend I am most excited about for the winter, it is definitely this one.  The ability to rock messy hair and not feel bad about it is just what I need as a working momprenuer. There are definitely days where it can be extremely difficult to keep my look polished and sleek. However, I will always put my best efforts forward to make sure I am presentable.

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