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The Good, The Bad and Alexander

When you first glance at Alexander you will have one of two scenarios play in your head: one, you are put off by his large assortment of tattoos, or two, you see his body as a walking canvas and are instantly intrigued to know more.  The moment I saw him, I knew I had to get to know him.  Just as I assumed, his plethora of tattoos represent the story of his life; and man oh man, is it a story to tell!

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TREND ALERT: Monochromatic

If wearing a variety of color at once scares you, don’t worry, the monochromatic theme is back and better than ever before. Try rocking one bold color from head-to-toe, creating an effortlessly chic ensemble guaranteed to earn you compliments everywhere you go.  I personally, love this trend and highly encourage everyone (men and women) to give this trend a try. 

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