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Mental Health: Mother's Day Tribute

What is a mother? Is a mother someone who gives birth to a child? Is a mother someone who takes in a child who isn’t biologically her own, but raises and loves that child as her own? Is a mother someone who gives up her career to raise her children? Is a mother someone who makes sure her children are cared for while she works on building a career? Is a mother someone who provides emotional support, financial support, or both? What does it mean to be a mother?

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Mental Health: Week 8 - Gratitude Challenge

I have always been a curious little bugger. I never saw things in black and white. I was always one to want to get to know the “black sheep” or become friends with the “outcasts”. Maybe it was because I was an outcast at both my school, and my church, and I knew exactly what it felt like to never fit in with anyone. Or maybe because I am an empath and I always seek to understand.

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Mental Health: A Journey To Light

I don’t remember seeing stars that night. As I walked aimlessly into the night with the song “Day Old Hate” ringing in my ears and it being the last song my old soul ever heard. There was a long path that led to this final walk. I had initially hoped this path would lead to steps that would bring me to a door; bring me to a way out. Instead these steps led to a new journey; a new awakening, an awakening that acted as a liberation from my inner demons and my past that used to follow me around like a shadow.

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