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fashion TREND ALERT: Leather for Him

It’s one of my favorite seasons: fall! I absolutely love it!  You can finally layer once again and not sweat profusely. Layering is essential during this season, but it’s also very on-trend. What better way to stay warm and look good this season than incorporating some leather into your wardrobe. Unsure of why or how? Don’t fret, keep on reading and we will fill you in on all of the deets.

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Beauty: Time's Up Let's Make a Difference Today!

In the height of the TIME’S UP movement, representation matters and representation for women with developmental disabilities cannot be forgotten. People with intellectual disabilities are the victims of sexual assaults at rates more than seven times those for people without disabilities. It’s one of the highest rates of sexual assault of any group in America, and it’s hardly talked about at all.

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Let's Kiss Summer Goodbye!

My absolute favorite time of the year: autumn! For whatever reason, I have been eagerly waiting, at the edge of my seat, for autumn to finally grace us with its presence. Maybe it is because my daughter is finally at an age where we can partake in fun family activities, or maybe it is because Midwest fashion is taking over the industry with trends featuring classic plaids, denims, and, of course, as many layers as possible! Either way, I am thrilled to welcome autumn back in style.

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