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fashion TREND ALERT: Plaid (part 2)

Plaid is definitely a Midwest staple and it is adored by people all around the world.  I am so excited that it is back as a powerhouse trend this fall. Whether it’s the traditional button-up shirt, or a more unconventional piece, plaid isn’t just making a comeback, it’s catapulting a full-on takeover!

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fashion TREND ALERT: Grey Suiting (Part 2)

Business meets pleasure in the latest fall trend of grey suiting. This classic color and style has been attributed mainly toward menswear, but it’s now being reinvented with a feminine twist.

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Fashion TREND ALERT: Grey Suiting

If there is one trend I encourage everyone to try out this season, it would be the simplicity of grey suiting. This sleek and professional trend can be seen both on the runway as well as in local stores and boutiques, really solidifying the diversification of this trend.

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