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fashion TREND ALERT: Sheer

Less layers and lighter fabrics are always a must-have during humid summer days in Minnesota. Sheer fabric adds a new element of style to wearing less. With sheer details such as sleeves, cut outs, or layering pieces, this trend brings an instant sense of high fashion to any ensemble.

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Summer Cover Guy: Coty Schooley

Cool, collective, and creative is exactly how I would describe Coty Schooley. When I first met this wild and free spirit, he had a giant smile across his face and an array of patterns and colors throughout his outfit.  Both of these are what instantly captured my attention, and I knew almost immediately that he was a guy I had to get to know.

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Fashion: Faux Fur (Part 2)

They say that Minnesota has two seasons: winter and road construction. I have lived in Minnesota all my life so I am well acquainted with its unforgiving winters. I’ve mastered the art of layers in an attempt to stay warm, even if it meant looking like I was about to embark on an expedition up Mount Everest.

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