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wMN Breaking Barriers: Cathy Heying

The jump from pastoral staff to auto mechanic may seem unexpected, but not when you know Cathy Heying’s past. As director of social justice at St. Stephens, Heying saw firsthand a need to help people struggling to make ends meet. One of the biggest pain points for people struggling is a broken down car that doesn’t allow them to get to the job they desperately need to be at in order to stay afloat. Heying realized something needed to be done.

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Mental Health: Growing through Change

The possibilities of this time of life seem endless. The freedom of this new space sometimes takes my breath away. It’s a time of great unknown and seemingly instability where I don’t know how or where my next steps will unfold.  It is also a time I know and trust myself more than ever before— and that is proving to be everything.

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Beauty: Time's Up Let's Make a Difference Today!

In the height of the TIME’S UP movement, representation matters and representation for women with developmental disabilities cannot be forgotten. People with intellectual disabilities are the victims of sexual assaults at rates more than seven times those for people without disabilities. It’s one of the highest rates of sexual assault of any group in America, and it’s hardly talked about at all.

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