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fashion TREND ALERT: Mustard

When you look outside the weather is still grey and white. Winter will be ending soon… right?! Well, even if the snow doesn’t disappear anytime soon, we can still incorporate some fresh sunny vibes into our closets with this week’s spring trend: mustard!

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Mental Health: Week 10 - Gratitude Challenge

I am forever grateful for the amount of traveling I was able to do with my family as a kid. I know last week I talked a bit about traveling, which is why I won’t spend too much of your time today, discussing that. Besides traveling, my family made it appoint to take me out around the Twin Cities.

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Mental Health: Week 9 - Gratitude Challenge

Growing up, my family traveled quite often, and there have been many places, that have earned a special place in my heart: San Antonio, Texas; Savannah, Georgia; Disney World. However, there is one place in particular that really changed my life helping me explore and find myself as an individual.

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